Release Notes

v1.10 (30 Nov 2021)

  • Deprecate novaclient, relying on openstacksdk only in nova plugin

  • Drop voms support, boot volume support in nova plugin

  • Remove voms auth type checking for nova plugin

  • Add support for booting from volumes in case of diskless flavors

  • Add support for endpoints with/wo version number in nova plugin

  • Add support to pass FQDN as environment variable in azure container plugin

  • Add support for server naming and ssh key in azure vm plugin

  • Add cost query to cloudbroker plugin and to API endpoint

v1.9 (25 May 2021)

  • Fixing protocol id in azure vm plugin

  • Fixing authentication check in the azure container and vm plugins

  • Refactor floating ip handling in nova plugin

  • Update nova client library to latest version in nova plugin

v1.8 (17 Aug 2020)

  • Add Azure ACI (container) plugin

  • Remove OCCI plugin

v1.7 (30 Apr 2020)

  • Add Azure plugin

  • Upgrade to Python 3

  • Add reporting multiple node addresses

  • Add -f parameter for downscale to select node

  • Add ApplicationCredential auth type handling to nova

  • Add region selection to nova

  • Add downscale by any ip of the node

v1.6 (05 Apr 2019)

  • New REST methods: notify, scaleto

  • Export ip addresses by occopus-maintain

  • Select youngest instance at downscaling when unspecified

  • Added FCM event logging and notification

  • Add cmd() and getprivip() methods in cloud-init resolution

  • Add tagging for ec2 clouds

  • Fixes in cloudsigma plugin (start server timeout, error code, ip retrieval)

  • Fixes in docker plugin (version, dependencies, local image source support)

  • Fixes in ec2 plugin (boto v2.48.0. with dependencies)

v1.5 (23 May 2017)

  • Reimplemented cloudbroker plugin: handle instances, not jobs

  • Remove cloud-broker node resolver (replaced by cloud-init)

  • Add multiuser support in handling redis server

  • Improve error handling and logging in cloudsigma, ec2 and occi plugins

  • Improve nova plugin to handle interruption

  • Add infra and node name syntax checking

  • Add new Occopus installer script

  • Improve parallel node creation

v1.4 (27 March 2017)

  • Improve node handling in cloudsigma plugin

  • Improve floating ip handling in nova plugin

  • Precise syntax error reporting for descriptors

  • Unique VM name for nodes as default

  • Introduce user defined VM name templates

  • Improve error/exception handling and reporting

  • Fix logging and evaluation in schema checker

  • Fix calculating default scaling min,max

  • Restructure health-check reporting

  • Deprecate ‘network_mode’ attribute in docker plugin

  • Introduce attach and detach functions in rest

  • Compatible REST and cmd-line functions

v1.3 (09 January 2017)

  • New Puppet config-manager plugin: server-free, called “puppet_solo”

  • Remove external redis config for occopus-import command

  • Remove attribute dependency from plugins

  • Reimplement floating_ip handling in nova plugin

  • Fix bug in filtering

  • New tutorial for puppet_solo plugin

  • New tutorial to introduce autoscaling with prometheus

v1.2 (11 August 2016)

  • Support for keystone v3 password-based authentication in Nova plugin

  • Infrastructure dynamic reconfiguration

  • More logs in occi plugin

  • Small fixes

v1.1 (5 June 2016)

  • New CloudSigma resource-handler plugin

  • New tutorials for CloudSigma

  • New getipall() method for cloud-init

  • Fix yaml_import in node definition

  • Bugfixes in plugins: occi, docker, nova

v1.0 (6 April 2016)

  • Restructure node definition format

  • Introduce schema checking

  • Mixed config-manager support

  • Refactor plugin names

  • Reorganise config and authentication

  • New authenticator selection mechanism

  • New filtering mechanism in node description

  • Simplification of health_check

  • Introduce getip() in context templates

  • Update occopus commands

  • Introduce occopus-maintain command for maintenance

  • Introduce occopus-scale command for scaling

  • Support for multi infrastructure handling

  • Refactor occopus-import command parameters

v0.3.0 (15 Jan 2016)

  • introduce periodical service health checking

  • new service health check mechanism: database check

  • new service health check mechanism: port check

  • add timeout for service unavailability

  • improved nova plugin: voms based authorization

  • new plugin: handling docker cluster

  • new plugin: occi cloud interface for EGI FedClouds

  • tutorials to demonstrate chef, docker and occi plugins

  • node definition ‘synch_strategy’ keyword renamed to ‘service_health_check’

v0.2.1 (10 Nov 2015)

Improved EC2 handling:

  • support for security group, subnet and keypairs in EC2 plugin

  • two ec2 tutorials updated

v0.2.0 (4 Nov 2015)

  • multi-cloud support

  • basic command line utils and REST interface

  • support for cloud interfaces: EC2, NOVA, CloudBroker

  • support for configuration manager: Chef

  • initial version of error detection and recovery

  • manual scaling through REST API

  • tutorials for EC2, NOVA and CloudBroker