Supported Resources

Occopus has an extendible, pluginable architecture for interfacing external tools and services. The actual version contains four different resource plugin implementations for handling clouds and one for docker containers.


Occopus can utilise cloud resources supporting the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) interface.


Occopus has a resource plugin to interface with NOVA API. With this interface OpenStack type cloud systems can be utilised.


The Azure resource plugin of Occopus enables the usage of Azure resources.


Occopus can use OCCI-enabled cloud providers of the EGI Federated Cloud. For this, one must possess an X.509 certificate accepted within the FedCloud VO.


This is a special resource plugin serving resource allocation and program execution on CloudBroker platform operated by CloudBroker Inc..

Using the CloudBroker plugin you can access all the different cloud types that are supported by CloudBroker platform. These are:

  • Amazon

  • CloudSigma

  • OpenStack

  • OpenNebula

If you want to use clouds via the CloudBroker platform, please, contact the CloudBroker GmbH:


Occopus has a resource plugin which enables to utilise pure Docker or Swarm resources. With this plugin it is possible to deploy containers and to combine them into an infrastructure.


The CloudSigma resource plugin of Occopus enables the usage of CloudSigma resources.